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Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Synergy Blends

Who can afford the prices of the big name oils?


Available in sizes from 5ml-30ml, our Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are sourced from the top wholesalers in North America and hand -bottled by us. Our sources provide the necessary information to ensure quality of the oils to us so we know that we are giving you the best oils possible.  

We don't have huge overhead. Our savings is passed on to you so you get the highest grade oils at reasonable prices.

Therapeutic Salves

Our Salves are hand crafted from a blend of Botanicals, high quality oils, and our Pure therapeutic Grade Essential oils to provide the best in quality and therapeutic properties

Diluted Therapeutic Oil Blends

Our diluted oils are carefully blended to provide  therapeutic benefits while being safe for direct skin application.  Available in a variety of blends and in Convenient Roller Balls or 30ml bottles.

Hand Crafted Soaps

Our Soaps are hand crafted using luxurious oils and only all natural ingredients.  No artificial colors or fragrances are used.  We only use essential oils, natural fragrance, and natural colorants.

Beer soaps, Shampoo bars, & Holiday fragrances, are available.  We have unscented soaps for those that need fragrance free options.  There are even pure castile options where olive oil is the only base.

All Natural Bath Bombs

Love that luxurious bath?  Try our hand crafted bath bombs.  Unlike many of the inexpensive big box store bombs, our bombs are 100% all natural with no artificial colors or fragrances and are infused with shea butter and luxurious oils.  We only use essential oils and natural colorants.  Plus, our bombs are the large 4.5 oz. size.  Big enough to divide or give you that extra luxurious singe bath

Bath Salts

Our bath salts are therapeutic grade.  Hand crafted using the finest dead sea salt with epsom salt and baking soda added for their therapeutic properties.  top that off with our Pure therapeutic grade essential oils and you have a bath salt that is sure to please.

Salt Scrubs

Our salt scrubs are formulated with the highest quality Dead Sea Salts for their micro nutrients and superb exfoliating properties and combined with our premium Sweet Almond oil and pure therapeutic grade essential oils to leave your skin feeling completely refreshed.

Facial Scrubs

Our facial scrubs are a gift of nature.  Formulated with only 3 ingredients (almonds, oats, and botanicals), the are a perfect way to strip the dead cells and close up your pores in a 100% natural way

Beard Oils

Beard oil acts like conditioner for your beard, only it helps keep the face hydrated as well. 

Our premium beard oils are comparable to those you might spend $20 and up.  They combine the highest quality oils for your skin (Apricot Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Oil, Abyssinian Oil,  & Argan Kernel Oil) with our Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  

Essential Oil Diffusers


Our diffusers are excellent ways to use your essential oils to get the most out of their therapeutic properties.  

We have USB diffusers that are portable and can run on any power source including battery packs, making them a unique choice for you diffusing 

Diffuser Jewelry

Our diffuser Jewelry is top quality 316 stainless steel.  Our lockets come in a variety of styles and with options for 18". 20", and 24" chains in a variety of styles.  Complete with extra thick pads to hold your essential oils.  Don't settle for the cheap lockets with poor magnetic clasps.  

Herbal Teas and Accessories

If you are a tea lover, you will go crazy for our herbal teas.  True loose leaf teas that are far better than you store bought brands.  Over 20 varieties to choose from.  Everything from black, roobios, white, and green teas with herbal additions to 100% herbal blends.  Many have wonderful therapeutic properties.  

Custom Blending

Although we have a full line of products for many basic needs, one of the advantages to having a Certified Aromatherapist at your disposal is the ability to custom blend for your needs.  We aren't talking about hopping on Pinterest to find a cool fragrance blend or looking for something that a hobbyist might make.  A true aromatherapist is trained to research medical journals and scientific studies and bring that information to you in the form of products that are customized to your therapeutic needs.  

We offer full custom blending for you.  Contact us for availability and pricing on custom products.